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Streaming music : Pandora & Spotify.

For the price of listening to an ad or two every ten minutes both Pandora and Spotify provide hours of listening pleasure.

Pandora in a nutshell : Not available outside the U.S.A. (for a while it used to be). No waiting period to get started, log on to www.pandora.com and in a few minutes you’ll be listening to some sweet tunes. Excellent music recommendation system, uses the artist and/or track you initially provide to guide you on a musical journey, the signposts are provided by Pandora, but the final choice of which direction to steer your listening experience in rests with you, the listener.

The 411 on Spotify : Recently became available in the U.S.A. Also in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Slightly longer start-up process, requires downloading and installation of software, which doesn’t take long at all. Currently in the U.S.A. if you’d like to sign up for a free Spotify account, you’ll have to submit your e-mail address to Spotify and wait in the queue for an invitation, unless you’re willing to splurge and pay for a membership. Spotify also suggests similar artists to the one you’re listening to, the process isn’t quite as slick at that of Pandora, however where it more than makes up for this is the on-demand access to every single song in Spotify’s library.



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