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Pondering becoming a lawayer in the USA?

Then this will provide food for thought in your considerations. Newly emerging factors and trends have combined in recent years to diminish the previously “lustrous” aspects of a career in law, with that said perhaps in a litigation obsessed country it might end up not being such a bad thing.

Between the recession (and maybe soon to be said recessions…) and outsourcing the returns on investing time and finances in procuring a law degree have diminished significantly. As U.S.A corporate weasels would outsource the position of their mothers if it were to save a buck it will come as no surprise that a lot of law work not requiring a lawyer to appear in court has been outsourced to India as opposed to employing new grads.



An anecdotal comparison between the “esteemed” profession of being a lawyer and that of a much more humble servant of the people, a Certified Nursing Assistant, yields the following.

Time to become a lawyer : ETA 7 years.

Time to become a CNA : Can be done in one month.

Financial outlay in acquiring your qualification as lawyer : Exuberant.

Financial outlay in acquiring your qualification as a CNA : Can be done for as little as $800.

ROI if you land a job as a lawyer : Current rates for new grads (and even those with experience but who are in a tight spot) start of as little as $10 and hour. Of course, if you do make, you’ll make it good.

ROI if you land a job as a CNA : $8 to $16 per hour.

Job market outlook for lawyers : Dismal

Job market outlook for CNAs : Qualify today, start tomorrow.

Shit law jobs, http://www.shitlawjobs.com/ , is one barometer of the current employment market for lawyers. As with many posts on Tidbitss information provided here should serve as a staring point for your own inquiry and research.


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